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Select your state to get started with our Senate "Below the Line" voting tool.

Select senate ticket groups
You have only selected {{totalCandidates}} of a minimum 12 candidates. Please select more parties before continuing to the next step. You will also be able to remove specific candidates in the following step.
You have selected {{totalCandidates}} of a minimum 12 candidates. You can go ahead and continue selecting more candidates, or continue to the next step. You will also be able to remove specific candidates in the following step.
  • ::: {{item.ticket}} {{getParties(item)}} {{item.candidates.length}} candidates
  • ::: {{item.ticket}} {{getParties(item)}} {{item.candidates.length}} candidates
Ordering candidates
  • ::: {{$index + 1}} {{item.ticket}} {{item.surname}}, {{item.givenname}} {{item.party || 'Independent / Ungrouped'}}

When you vote below the line, you have the ability to order each candidate individually. Currently, the candidates are ordered by your group preferences from the previous step followed by each candidate's default ballot position within the group.

Drag the candidates in the order you want to vote. If you don't want to vote for a particular candidate, drag them to the list below.

Once you've finished ordering the candidates, click Finish to view your how-to-vote card.

You should number at least 12 boxes below the line!

  • ::: × {{item.ticket}} {{item.surname}}, {{item.givenname}} {{item.party || 'Independent / Ungrouped'}}

The sample ballot paper below has been generated based on the order of candidates you selected. You can print a printer-friendly "how to vote card" by clicking on the green button below.


Below the line

By numbering at least 12
of these boxes in the order
of your choice (with number
1 as your first choice).




DIY "how to vote" card: The list below is automatically generated from what you entered into the Senate "Below the Line" voting tool. Fill in your white Senate ballot paper below the line sequentially from left-to-right, top-to-bottom as they appear in the list below.

Group {{group.ticket}} ({{getParties(group)}})
(Skip this column, no candidates selected)
{{candidate.surname}}, {{candidate.givenname}}

Built and designed by Kenneth Tsang (@jxeeno)

Electoral data is copyright © Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence (CC BY 3.0).
Inspired by Benno Rice & Michael Pearson's belowtheline.org.au which isn't running this year due to Senate voting rule changes.
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